Monday, June 25, 2012

Rumours and gossip

There are some who thrive on gossip and others who like to start rumours. Most men that I know take very little heed of rumours, it does seem to me to be a woman thing. Still, from time to time, some of these tales do pass my ears.

Certainly, I would be very wary of passing rumours on because you never know a) whether they are true and b) whether they will get back to the person the rumour is about.

Most of the tales you hear are harmless but now and again there pops up a story that could cause problems – mostly about relationships by which I mean partners splitting up or people having affairs. If you believed all the rumours about affairs at Villas Andrea, you would think we were living in Peyton Place. As far as I am concerned, none of them are true and all of them are potentially damaging.

Usually, the person starting the rumour begins with, “I shouldn’t be telling this but….” and then continues with, “I can’t tell you who told me.” The reason they can’t say who told them is because they are the ones that made it up.

Pam and I know who the chief culprits are and do our best to avoid these sort of conversations with them. However, whenever we meet up, they still insist on telling us something we don’t really want to know.

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