Thursday, June 28, 2012

That was frustrating

Watching Spain v Portugal last night you could see that Portugal were proving to be more than a match to the European Champions. At times they looked as though they were going to win the game but they didn’t but then neither did Spain during the game itself. In fact the Spaniards played badly for 90 minutes and only came alive during extra time.

Not only was it frustrating to watch, it was also very scrappy during the second half with yellow cad after yellow card being given. What we were looking for were goals but they didn’t come because neither team looked capable of scoring. Sure there were a few misses but neither goalkeeper was seriously challenged during more than 120 minutes of play.

So, it came down to a penalty shoot out and Ronaldo made the mistake of electing to go fifth and we all know the price he paid for that. The hero was Fabregas who scored the winning penalty for Spain. Tonight we will find out who they will play in the final. Let's hope they play a better game. 

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