Monday, June 04, 2012

Start the day right

Spaniards think that we English eat a full cooked breakfast every day. We have explained to them that very few eat bacon, eggs, fried bread etc except maybe at weekends. All that cholesterol is not good for you, especially if you lead the sedentary life of a retired person.

Today was an exception. We are in a four star hotel so a full English was in order.

For the benefit of our Spanish readers, this is what one looks like. Mine had bacon, scrambled eggs, black pudding, sausage, tomato and baked beans. To be honest, I did leave the beans - they have a reputation of making you windy and it would not do to be trumping as I lead Laura down the aisle. 

Now I am set up properly for the day all I need is a pipe of my favourite tobacco or maybe it is time to smoke one of my special cigars. 

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