Saturday, June 16, 2012

Happy Father's Day

In Spain, "el dia de padres" is on the Feast day of Saint Joseph, which is March 19th. It is a national holiday and is regarded as being very important. Here in Bigastro, we have a special concert at the Auditorium to celebrate the day.

However, in England it is tomorrow that fathers get a day off. The day for dads though does not have the same importance in England as it does in Spain. In fact I would venture to say that Mother's Day is given greater prominence.

I know that I have a card from my daughters because I can see the envelope on the dining table. There is no evidence of a gift though! Perhaps that will come later:-)

Actually, I won't even be getting a day off. Last night Pamela said we should get up early this weekend and spend less time on the Internet so we can get some jobs done. She repeated it three times, waiting for a positive response each time. That meant I had no option, I had to agree.

Maybe it is just as well that I only have a card to open, there may not be time for anything else. 

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