Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Getting into the swing

Last night, the Bigastro Golf Society held its end of year presentation. You might expect that golf would be an all year round sport in Spain but in fact nobody who lives here would dream of play during the hot summer months.

The venue last night was the VaiVen in Bigastro where tables had been laid out for the members, their wives/partners and other friends to enjoy tapas and a few drinks.

Once everyone had found themselves a seat, the tapas were brought out and we enjoyed generous servings of typical Spanish snacks. You have to remember that Spaniards normally eat their main meal at lunch time and then just snacks at night so it would not be normal to have a full plated meal in the evening.

Fed and watered, we then moved on to the formal part of the occasion. First there was a raffle for prizes which had been donated by the members themselves. So each member took home something as a memento of the occasion. Then there was a raffle for prizes donated by the societies sponsors, everything from tapas at the VaiVen to a plant in a pot with a fair number of free rounds of golf at the various clubs that the society play at along with meal out at the clubs as well.

Then we came to the prizes for the last game the members had played including; nearest the pin, best first 9, longest drive etc etc including a tractor for the player who spent most time in the bunker and Mr Blobby who is the society’s booby prize!

It was a good evening spent in some great company. We have to thank Les Rowlands and his wife Sheila for all the work they put into organising the event and say to them, “put our names down for next year”.

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