Thursday, April 19, 2007

Be aware

Echoing the experience of one couple on our estate, the Vecinos Colaborando - Orihuela Costa have issued this warning.

“All visitors to the beaches on the Orihuela Costa in vehicles and indeed elsewhere should be especially careful as to what is left in the vehicle whilst it is left for a period of time. We have received reports of vehicles having been broken into on different beaches where house keys, house alarms and safe keys have been stolen.

It must be remembered that by law, vehicle documents must be kept in the vehicle and these give the driver's or hirer's address. Things could not be made easier for the thief and on occasions the car is used to visit the house concerned and to take property away.

Additional advice is not to leave anything, no matter the value, in view within a locked car as the cost of repairing the damage done is usually far in excess of the value of the property stolen.”

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