Tuesday, April 03, 2007

¡Muchas gracias!

A very big thank you to all those people who sent Pam a card or a text message or an email or a present or phoned her up. You really did make her day very special yesterday. She didn't get a badge that said "I am 60" but then nobody would have believed it anyway looking at the smile on her face.

The first call Pam had was from her Father at 9:00am. Normally Pam is still fast asleep at that time but I had to wake her because he couldn't wait to wish her a Happy Birthday. She was thrilled to bits to hear his voice and so glad that he had remembered.

From there is just got better and better. I went down to the post office and came back with a bag full of cards and packages. Throughout the day she had text messages, emails and phone calls galore. She even got cards left in the gate including a beautiful hand made one from Les and Sheila Rowlands. My that lady is talented.

So once again many, many thanks.

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