Saturday, April 07, 2007

No parade

Last night when the Viernes Santa procession in Orihuela was cancelled it was re-scheduled for this morning at 10:00am. Now at 9:30 it was pouring down and still heavily overcast by 10:00. So sadly they cancelled the procession altogether. Looks like we will have to wait until next year to see the pasos in Orihuela.

I should have then gone on to say that by 10:30 the skies cleared and the rest of the day was lovely and warm but by then it was too late. Everybody had gone home, the streets had been re-opened to traffic and they were collecting in the thousands of chairs that had been put out for people to sit on.


Pete said...

Would I get a slap if I said it was cracking the flags all day here?

Sorry mate, you'll get your revenge in Summer. :)

Keith & Pam Williamson said...

In that case we should have moved the parade to Liverpool!