Monday, April 30, 2007

Travel light

Low cost airline, Ryanair, has been accused of using faulty weighing scales in a Spanish airport, resulting in more excess baggage charges being imposed on the customer.

An investigation into the matter at Girona airport (just outside Barcelona city) found that a bag which had weighed 14.6kg in the UK (just under the 15kg baggage allowance) weighed 17kg on the return journey – 2kg overweight (€16 excess baggage fee).

Many passengers have claimed that their baggage miraculously increased in weight on a return journey, despite nothing having been added and in some cases, items removed.

A spokesperson for Ryanair has denied the claims saying that contrary to popular belief, the airline does not set targets or give commission for excess baggage charges. The airline also added that all of their airport weighing scales are checked by an independent body.

As air fares have been cut due to competition it seems that some airlines have had to find other ways to make their profits. One way of course is to cut down on luggage allowances thus increasing the excess baggage charges. BMI Baby, Easyjet and Monarch allow 20kgms per person, now allows 18kgms, but Ryanair is at the bottom of the league with 15kgms per person.

In addition many airlines say you can carry cabin luggage up to 55x40x20cm in size with no weight restriction. Of course if you are flying from the UK, you need to be careful what you pack in your cabin luggage. In any case it is hard to fill a bag that size with anything heavy.

So the cheap flight suddenly becomes less of a bargain when you have added on airport taxes, fuel surcharges and then excess baggage.


Pete said...

Sometimes being heavier than expected is better than being lighter, as many Ryan Air passengers at Rome Ciampino found!

baggage handlers arrested!

Keith & Pam Williamson said...

Which is one reason we use Samsonite hard shell cases. They weigh heavy but are a lot more secure.