Tuesday, April 10, 2007

More water

The delays caused by the opposing political parties in Torrevieja have been resolved. So the desalination plant at Torrevieja will now go ahead. This will improve the management of water resources in the regions of Vega Baja, part of Murcia and the south of the province of Alicante. These plans, which will cost 40 million euros, will help to guarantee the supply of water in a zone where 2.3 million inhabitants live.

The main infrastructure will provide drinking water from new desalination plant at San Pedro del Pinatar and the future one at Torrevieja to thirteen municipalities of the province, all of the region and to a the city of Murcia.

This work will affect the municipal towns of San Miguel de Salinas, Jacarilla, Bigastro and Orihuela. The connection between the water treatment plant of the Pedera and Torrealta (La Murada) will have a pumping station with a maximum volume of 2,100litre/sec. and 39 kilometers of metal pipe of up to 1.2 meters of diameter.

Also there are plans to spend 8,291,886 euros over 18 months to provide a connection that will provide desalinated water derived from the system Pedrera-Torrealta to Murcia, with a population of more than 400,000 inhabitants. This connection will run between Orihuela, Santomera and Murcia a distance of 25 kilometers with a 1,000 litre/sec. capacity.

In addition 6,717,823 euros will be spent on creating two new security dams and one elevating station at the Pedrera water treatment plant. The objective is to increase the guaranteed drinking water for the municipalities in the south of the province including San Vicente de la Raspeig and Santa Pola . These dams will be located in the area of Orihuela and will have a joint capacity of 750,000 ms 3.

To this system will also be added an investment of 4,003,378 euros to guarantee supply to the 200,000 extra summer inhabitants of the area.

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