Sunday, April 01, 2007

You missed a real treat

We were advised by ladies in the Spanish class that the local theatre group's performance of "La Corte del Faraón" would be well worth going to see. They were right. It was both hilarious and very professional in equal measures.

The story is about a theatre group in the sixties wanting to stage a play about the Pharoah. In those days, when Franco was in power such things were censored. The play is about the censorship of their performance.

We were fortunate because Aurelio, who built our houses and lives just across the road from us, is the leading member of the theatre group. He spotted us in the audience last night and came over to explain it all to us before the play commenced. With his help and our limited understanding of the language we were able to follow most of it.

It was a thoroughly good evening's entertainment.

PS Aurelio played the police commissioner and was excellent in the part.

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