Saturday, April 07, 2007

The rain in Spain

After heavy overnight rain, yesterday was was mainly dry. So we set off with Rachel, David, John and Jean to Orihuela for the Viernes Santa procession. We found a good place to sit and watch right beneath the TV cameras. As we sat, more and more nazarenos passed to join their cofradias.

It was drizzling and the skies looked very heavy. At that point the nazarenos started to come back and we realised there was a problem. A very helpful man explained to us that the parade was postponed until 10:00 today because of the weather. So we beat a hasty retreat to a bar that John knows. Just in time because as we looked out of the window there was a thunderstorm brewing.

The pasos that they carry in these parades are probably priceless. Many of the sculpted figures date back two centuries. I hope they managed to wheel them back into the museum in time to beat the rain.

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