Sunday, April 15, 2007

Ok, ok

We've got the picture now. Every phone call and every email from England it's the same thing. "What's the weather like there?" This is followed by "it is lovely and sunny here - 24 degrees at least".

Well the weather here is **** It is possibly the worst spell of weather we have had since we arrived in November '04. First it was gales, then rain, then the gales returned and now we are back to rain.

I always rub it in when I speak to people in England with comments like "how nice to wear your shorts in February" or "I've just had a refreshing dip in the pool" knowing full well that it is freezing in the UK so I deserve these comments.

As I pointed out to one of my ex colleagues though, it will change. The difference is that here it will get better and in England it will get worse.

Actually I am glad that the weather is nice for you in the UK. With all the other rubbish you have to put up with it is good to have something worth getting up for in the morning. Now instead of the weather let's talk about the price of beer, petrol, council tax etc etc. Or maybe the crazy application of all things politically correct.

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Richard said...

Well, we could talk about these things but I don't believe it's considered politically correct anymore to do so. Oh that and the fact that Adolf Blair will send the Gestapo round, probably call you a terrorist or something along those lines then lock you up and throw away the key. Either that or just shoot you, probably cheaper.