Friday, June 01, 2007

Election results

So the majority was increased from 85 to 770 which means that the PSOE now have 8 council members. Turn out was 88.86%. Surprisingly there were 52 empty envelopes and 39 spoilt papers.

This is the Council for the next four years.

1. José Joaquín Moya Esquiva (PSOE)
2. Mª Carmen Grau Espinosa (PSOE)
3. Raúl Valerio Medina Lorente (PSOE)
4. Inmaculada Martínez García (PSOE)
5. José Espinosa Espinosa (PSOE)
6. Mª Dolores Andreu Marcos (PSOE)
7. Mª Carmen Alonso Juárez (PSOE)
8. Raúl Ortuño Moya (PSOE)
9. Aurelio Murcia González (PP)
10. José Antonio Ricart Esquiva (PP)
11. Mª del Rosario Bañuls Rodríguez (PP)
12. José Manuel Sánchez Delgado (PP)
13. Mercedes Hidalgo Pomares (PP)

The particular roles that each member of the PSOE will carry out will be determined on the 16th June.

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