Thursday, January 31, 2008

and still they try

I've just received this:

Greetings in the name of the lord, Am dave amata, 21 years, male, london in united kingdom.I write to seek for a mutual assistance from you.Well to make you less curious ,I saw your contact in an email directory,So i felt like contacting you if you could be a beneficiary to my late father,So that you could help me claim his assets and funds worth 15 millions of pounds in a company in london,United Kingdom. Being a share holder,he had many valuable assets.I would have claimed the properties my self,but due to my age and my condition being a deaf person,the board of directors told me, am too young to claim the properties.Except a family member of mine who is above 25 years could claim the property.Being an illegitimate child,I never knew any member of my family,So it has been hard for me to cope because am an half cast. When the transaction is completed,I will compensate you with 30% of the funds.My brethren,am not compelling you,I want you to assist me voluntarily.The company will provide the paper work including the documents,all i require from you is your 100% trust and honesty.If you are willing to assist,I want to know as soon as possible so that i can direct you to my attorney cos i will be very busy in school for my forth-coming examinations. I also want you to have your mobile phone number sent to me for my attorneys further communication with you. I also want you to have your mobile phone number sent to me for my attorneys further communication with you, which i will also have my pictures sent to you. My alternative email adress is Look forward in hearing from you. Best Regards. God Bless you. dave amata

Obviously Dave Amata is a very generous man offering me £4.5 just to help him out. I expect he'll need my bank details at some stage so that he can transfer the money to me. Shortly after I sent them, money would start disappearing from my account. Instead of being £4.5m in credit I'd be several thousand in debt.

PS I hope the exams he is taking are not in English because he has a bit of a problem there.

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helen said...

Nothing to do with this post! Bt have you any idea what date the may fair will be this year, as I want to book flights. I have been most years and one year they moved it from the first to the second week......I was not impressed!

As the first is on a Thursday, I am assuming it will be WEdnesday 7th to Sunday 11th. I would be very greatfull if you could ask around. i have contact the tourist office in prevcious years, but they always say they won't know until April!!! ( Obviously the longer I leave it the more costly the flights are.

Many thanks
Helen Gunn