Thursday, January 17, 2008

It blew strong

The strong winds yesterday brought delays and cancellations to flights and shipping. Trees, shop windows, awnings and blinds and broken umbrellas were the main casualties of the winds that blew mainly in the north of the peninsular.

In the Valencian Community , the the 80km/h winds damaged aerials, roof tiles and lampposts.

The National Institute of Meteorology said yesterday that the wind storm will diminish " slowly ". An anticyclone will bring a sunny weekend and with " smooth and pleasant " temperatures.

I'm pleased to say that the green mesh which we put up to replace the last fencing has survived intact.

The mesh is the third lot of fencing we have put up. The first was natural cane fencing which I fastened with garden ties. Apart from blowing down it discoloured badly.

We replaced that with plastic cane which fixed with nylon cable ties. They deteriorated with the sun and snapped so I replaced them with galvanised wire. One night the whole lot started coming down so we went out at 9pm in the middle of the storm and took the lot down.

In fairness though, compared with the flooding that England is suffering again, a day of strong winds is nothing. We feel sorry for our friends who live in Gloucester where they are still recovering from the summer floods.

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