Sunday, January 27, 2008

Some more useful stuff

¡ya está bien!, enough is enough!

¡ni hablar!, no way

no hay de qué, you're welcome or don't mention it - an alternative to de nada.

¿qué tenemos de manduca?, what's for grub? Manduca is a tad less formal than comer

and some other phrases you can just throw in to liven up your conversations

¡mira tú quién fue a hablar!, look who's talking!

beber como un cosaco, to drink like a fish

beber de un trago, to down something in one go

with elections coming up it's useful to have a couple of phrases to describe the parties

panda de chorizos ,which you already know is literally a bunch of sausages but really means a bunch of thieves.

of course you could also use ser uña y carne which really means they are as thick as thieves.

this one is my favourite phrase so far

¡Es que me crecen los enanos! which is a shortened form of Me pongo un circo y me crecen los enanos. literally I open a circus and my dwarfs grow, meaning I have such bad luck.

Now does anybody know what bigastrenenses mean when they say, what sounds like, talor or salor. We think it is a slang abbreviation for hasta luego (until later) but we're not sure and our teacher says she's never heard it.

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