Saturday, January 19, 2008

Some recent questions and the answers

I hope the true meaning of the questions and answers is not lost in my rough translations.

1. A student from the Permanent School of Adults wants to know why the Town Hall have decided, half way through the Academic Year, to impose charges of 10€ per month without justification.


The Permanent School of Adults of Bigastro is subsidized in a small part by the Consellería de Educación . The City council covers the high cost of professors, managers, cleaners, light, water, gas, etc. The Council budgets are based on calendar years not academic years. As part of its 2008 budget plan, the Corporation has been forced to introduce this rate to be able to maintain the service.

2. The next question is about the rising bollards that have been installed on Calle Purisima. The questioner notes that these are raised during the evenings which prevents traffic from leaving or entering the street.


For several years we have been having a debate about the use and functions of the Calle Purisima. There have been numerous meetings with the retailers who operate on Purisima to try to reach a conclusion. This has not been possible because of the great division of opinions; at opposite poles there are those want the street to be pedestrianised and others want it to be open to traffic indefinitely.

As a temporary solution, traffic is regulated according to the following schedule:
- open to traffic from 7:30am to 2:00pm Monday to Saturday
- closed to traffic from 2:00pm to 7:30am of Monday to Saturday and Sunday all day.

The debate about a permanent solution for Calle Purisima is ongoing.

3. The parents of students at the Colegio Público San José de Calasanz are wondering when the new School will be opened.


Dear parents:
The new building that will house the children from San José de Calasanz is on the verge of being finished. We know that the construction company already has given it to CIEGSA but they have not yet passed it on to the City council. These decisions do not depend on the Team of Government. In any case, it will be the Consellería who sets the inauguration date when they consider it opportune.

4. A cybernaut wants to know when we will be able to have Bigastrel wi-fi without so many problems. He or she also asks if we are going to have enough provision on the part of Iberdrola (the electricity supplier) for it.


The Town Hall hopes that the problems of bandwidth for the wi-fi service will be solved this month. The project and the method of payment is already set up in the zone included in the first stage. The Town Hall hope to extend the service to other zones during the course of this year.

5. Hello, my question is to know when we are going to have the new cultural programme for the Auditorio de Bigastro.


At the moment the new programme is being designed. Once it is ready it will be available for all the citizens and visitors to Bigastro.

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