Sunday, January 27, 2008

Milky expressions

There seem to be a few Spanish expressions about milk (leche).

apart from estar de mala leche - to be in a foul mood

there is also:-

darse una leche - to come a cropper

¡te voy a dar una leche! - I'll thump you

¡qué leche tienes! - you lucky devil

hace un calor de la leche - it's bloody hot

ser la leche - to be unbelievable

ir a toda leche - to go like the clappers

poner a algn de mala leche - to p*** someone off

tener mala leche - a nasty piece of work


PS I wonder what the Spanish would make of "the milk of human kindness"?

"la leche de la amabilidad humana" is my clumsy translation.

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