Saturday, January 19, 2008

Not petty criminals

1. National Police have detained two Chinese men in Elche. These two are accused of selling copies of Puma trainers. In two warehouses the police found 55,000 pairs of the fake shoes which were apparently very good copies of the original designs. Puma calculates that the economic damage from the sale of these shoes would amount to about 5 million euros. On top of that there would be the damage to the brand name.

2. Officers of the Guardia Civil had their suspicions aroused on Thursday when they spotted a boat beached off Santa Pola. Last night the officers caught a Dutch and a Morrocan man attempting to offload 1,400kgs of hashish in 56 packets from the boat into a van.

I hope the trainers Pamela had for Christmas aren't fake. Mind you, they came from the Puma shop in the Habeneras so it's most unlikely. As for hashish - I've never touched the stuff. A pipe full of St Bruno is strong enough for me.

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