Wednesday, January 30, 2008

¡Ya está bien!

Monday's Council Meeting was, by all accounts, a lively one. Matters all came to a head when, after two long hours of debate they came to an item about excavating for an electric cable in the industrial estate, Moya called Murcia a liar. Murcia reciprocated by telling him that he was also a liar. So the Mayor ordered Murcia to leave which he refused to do. At that point Moya called for the local police and threatened to call the Guardia Civil. The public present, severely reprimanded the Mayor for his actions. So the Mayor closed the session and left.

Aurelio Murcia said yesterday that he was sorry that the Mayor had shown so little experience after being in office for over twenty years. The Mayor on the other hand said that he was going to demand a more rigorous adherence to the regulations at Council meetings.

The meeting had started amicably with a discussion about local taxes but then with two denunciations in court by the PP against the Mayor I don't suppose it was ever going to continue in like manner. It's probably not a good time to ask the Mayor why Calle Irlanda, where Aurelio Mucia lives, doesn't get swept very often.

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