Sunday, January 27, 2008

Reliving your youth

When we lived in the UK, Pam and I would go to concerts to see our favourite groups and singers from the past decades perform. We saw Cher, Tina Turner, Bryan Adams, Chris de Burgh, the Eurythmics, David Bowie, Eric Clapton, Simple Minds. Rod Stewart, the Rolling Stones and a whole host of others as supporting acts.

We even went to see the Victor Brox Blues Train in a tapas bar in Chester. Victor Brox were the support band at a Who concert my brother and I went to at Sheffield University. Only Pete Townsend turned up - the others were stuck on the M6 and never made it so Victor played a longer set. When I found out that Victor was playing in Chester, we just had to go and see him. He looked a little ravaged by the inevitable drugs and the booze that flowed when he was younger but was still bloody good!

Whilst we were going to all these concerts, our girls accused us of living in the past. Now it's their turn. Last month they went to see Take That (sans Robbie ) and last night they went to see the Spice Girls. What goes around - comes around. Apparently Take That were brilliant; we haven't had the verdict on the Spice Girls yet.

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