Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A big thank you

After the problems we had with the first teacher that Aurelio found for our Spanish class, we thought that was it – no more lessons. We hadn’t counted on the resourcefulness of the councillor for education though because he has found another ex-teacher who just happens to have the same name as the first.

Pam and I missed the first meeting with the new teacher because we were in England at the time. Apparently, he pitched the lesson too high for the students in the class and so vowed to prepare something more suitable for this week.

Yesterday was our first lesson.  The new teacher came well prepared with suitable material; he had plenty of exercises for us to complete which involved listening carefully to his instructions. Listening skills are possibly the hardest to achieve so this was the kind of excellent practice we needed.

So now we can look forward to lessons again knowing that our Spanish will continue to improve.

A big thank you goes to Aurelio Murcia for finding us such a good teacher and of course to Antonio for volunteering to work with us. 

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