Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Moving house

Not Pam and I, we have no intention of moving house for the foreseeable future. We are talking here about Laura and Dave who would now like more living space.

Whilst buying your first house might seem difficult, moving up the ladder is a whole different game. Apart from finding the house you want, there is the added problem of selling your existing home. I can't imagine that will be difficult but with the present state of the market it is hard to say.

Once you have bought your first house, you do have a clearer idea of what you want for a second property and thus become perhaps a little more picky. Laura and Dave know exactly what their needs are and thus what features to look for in their second home.

Location is top of the list for Laura and Dave. They need an easy commute to work, be within reach of facilities like doctors, shops etc and of course the network of friends they have built up. Although that narrows the search somewhat, it does mean that they should be happy with their new location.

Then of course there is the question of size. Ideally they would like two separate reception rooms, definitely they want three bedrooms and a garden for Molly to play in. From there, the permutations are endless and the have an open mind about some of the options available.

Laura and Dave have viewed a fair number of properties and found one early on which ticked all the boxes. Unfortunately, that is now under offer and so they need to look elsewhere. That is where it has become tricky because they inevitably compare what they see now to the one they liked in the first place.

Like with all house purchases, there will be probably be compromises to be made. Just where those will be is up to Laura and Dave. Pam and I can only offer our advice, in the end the decision is there's to make.  

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Pete said...

From my limited experience in these matters, it seems that if you're set on your location then everything else is crippled. This could be their last chance to really play with location before young Molly starts getting settled into schools, so I hope it doesn't prove to be a short sighted strategy.

Still, if they know what they want then we'd be mad to talk them out of it! I hope they find something beautiful and within budget. The very best of luck to them both!