Friday, January 20, 2012

The PP in Orihuela fight back

You might have guessed that the party who are now in opposition in Orihuela would come back with their own spin on the accusation that the Medieval Fair last year cost the city 300,000 Euros – a figure which they deny is true.

They go on to accuse the present government team of having already chosen a company to organise this year’s fair in spite of the fact that there are five days left for tenders to be submitted. They say that the proof of this lies in three web sites which lead to the same company “Fusion Medieval” who are inviting merchants to apply for stalls. 

The PP also say that it is nonsense to say that the market this year will be held at no cost to the city, pointing out that there are bound to be expenses for water, electricity and security services.

Although all politicians will deny this, it seems almost to be a prerequisite for the job to be colourful with the truth.

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