Saturday, January 21, 2012

David who?

Unless you are young, Spanish and female it is possible that you have never heard of him.

David Brisbal is a Grammy winning pop star from Almeria. He first appeared as runner up in a reality TV show called Opercion Triunfo.

Since then he  has released four albums, toured Europe and Latin America and has sold more than 5 million records gaining 30 platinum albums, 15 gold and two diamond.

Brisbal will be performing in Torrevieja on Saturday, 25th February but don’t expect to get a ticket because the 1,100 available for the show at the International Music Auditorium were sold out within an hour of release.

As luck would have it, the town hall in Torrevieja have managed to persuade BrIsbal to perform on Friday the 24th as well so that more of his local fans can see their star.

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