Thursday, January 19, 2012

Lack of money could affect the Medieval Market

The Medieval Market in Orihuela cost the city council 300,000 Euros last year; 150,000 was paid to the company that organised the market and a further 150,000 was spent on the various shows that took place during the three day event. This year the council say that the market will be run at no cost to the city and in fact they expect revenue from the company to cover labour costs incurred by them. They also say that the Moors and Christian groups taking part will not have to pay for their stands.

That decision leaves the cost of staging the market in the hands of the organisers who will either have to pass that on to stall holders or charge for entrance to the market. Apart from the stalls selling food and drink who no doubt will see a good return for their money, I imagine this may well hit those selling specialised products who probably earn very little.

The market has become a very popular event that attracts a lot of tourists to the city. Each year it has grown in size and popularity. Let us hope that the lack of money on the part of the council does not adversely affect this trend.

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