Tuesday, January 24, 2012

That is so cool

The aurora borealis: Pictured: breathtaking Northern Lights shining across Britain

This picture taken from the Daily Telegraph shows the Northern Lights as seen by specialist photographer Reed Ingram Weir from the A1 near Anick, Northumberland.

The aurora borealis normally appear above Iceland and Norway but were seen further south this weekend due to unusual solar activity.

To quote the Telegraph:

“The sun is in the middle of an active phase of its 11-year solar weather cycle and is therefore becoming more unstable.

A powerful flare erupted from the sun last Thursday, unleashing a plasma wave that supercharged the Northern Lights into high latitudes.

Auroras occur when charged particles from the sun interact with Earth's upper atmosphere, releasing visible light in the process.

The particles are funnelled toward Earth's polar regions by the planet's magnetic field. The glow is caused by high-energy electrons colliding with oxygen atoms and nitrogen molecules.”

Apparently, it is possible that the phenomena will be visible throughout Britain by the end of the week.

I do hope my friend Pete and his wife Laura are able to capture a picture or two in Liverpool for their Project 365s. 

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