Tuesday, January 17, 2012

It doesn’t always pay

Once you have sold a house and moved away, it isn’t always a good idea to go back and see what the new owners have done. In the case of our old house in England we have no choice because we regularly visit our friends who live opposite. In fact, most of what the new owners have done have been improvements we would have made ourselves if we had continued to live there.

Our ex neighbours here in Spain may not feel the same about their old house if they ever return.

The new neighbours are not keen gardeners so most of the plants have gone including those in the front garden and those on the fence between the properties.  The railings at the front have all gone and the wall has been built up to about 3m high. It is the same for the wall the other side which is also 3m high. We are going to have the wire netting removed between the two houses to be replaced with the same fence panelling that we have on three sides. Then there are plans to build a barbecue area in the corner at the front left corner and of course there is some remodelling going on inside the house.

At some time in the future they plan to build a pool but have not yet decided where exactly that will be. I’m not sure what their plans are for the small pool at the front but certainly the waterfall has gone as have the stones that laid out the garden.

As I said, the old neighbours may not like what has been done. It is perhaps best if they don’t see the house now, after all they did spend a lot of money on the work that has now been demolished. 

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