Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A further tribute

Usually neighbors remain just that. As good as they might be, they rarelybecome friends. That has not been the case with Hugh and Angela. As time passed by we became more involved in each other's lives. Our children grew up together and are also good friends.

There was a time when Hugh and Angela considered moving house but thankfully they didn't. When, eventually, Pam and I did move to Spain following our retirement from teaching, we still remained the best of friends. They regularly visit us in Spain and we try to make time on our visits to England to call in on them.

This trip, Hugh, Angela and their son Andrew came to the funeral of Pam's father just as they did to the funeral of Pam's mother. Their presence was a great comfort to Pam and I and we thank them for that.

Yesterday, we were invited over to spend time with them and stay for a dinner prepared specially for us by their youngest son Andrew. At the same time we were able to check out their newly refurbished kitchen and utility room.

Over the last year Hugh and Angela have refurbished the family bathroom, the master bedroom along with en suite facilities and the downstairs toilet. The year before, the lounge and dining room was reformed following problems with the ceiling caused by a leak from the old en suite bathroom

The process must have caused major disruption to their lives but you have to say the end result was worth every penny spent and the problems caused. There are no adjectives sufficient to explain how superb the house now looks.

Now we move on to the meal that Andrew prepared. The main course was paella, a brave dish to produce for visitors from Spain. However, the result would have easily graced the best restaurant in Valencia, the home of authentic paella. Following, was a superb dessert which was an exciting twist on cheesecake without the cheese and with a ginger cake base.

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