Friday, January 20, 2012

Judge seeks High Court trial for Moya

In 2005, the ex-mayor of Bigastro, José Joaquín Moya approved the plan for Sector D6 which included a plot of 1,170 square metres designated as parkland. A year later, Moya signed an agreement with Repsol Butano which allowed them to install two gas tanks holding 46,500 litres of propane on the same land.  Moya went ahead with the order and the tanks were installed in October 2007 in spite of the fact that he knew that the work was not covered by a licence.  Also implicated are the council technician and the secretary who also signed the paperwork.

The case against José Joaquín Moya  has been examined in the District Court No 3 in Orihuela.  The judge has now concluded that the case should be tried before the High Court and has set bail at 75,000 Euros to cover the costs of demolition should the defendants be found guilty. The anti corruption prosecutor has asked for two terms of prison of one year and ten months and four years for the alleged crimes.

Still to come are two further cases against the ex-mayor; one for accepting the gift of a Volkswagen Toureg which was allegedly paid for out of public money and the irregular auction of protected land at La Pedrera to allow the building of a residential complex and a golf practice course.

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