Thursday, January 05, 2012

Not the best of journeys

After a lovely day on Tuesday for my birthday, Wednesday did not go as smoothly as we would have liked.

We arrived at Alicante airport in good time which was just as well because we queued for nearly an hour to check in. The only reward for that long wait was that we were given extra legroom seats at no extra charge.

The flight was fine, longer than scheduled because we were flying into a headwind and touchdown in Manchester was smooth especially considering the windy conditions.

Normally we hit lucky on the luggage carousel but not this time. One case came through pretty quickly but the other was the last on the belt. Still, we had our luggage safe and sound.

We'd arranged to hire a car from a company called Enterprise who have offices at both Manchester T1 and T2. The office at T2, where we landed closes at 5pm and so you are directed to the office at T1. What I neglected to tell Pamela was how far on the overhead walkway it was between the two terminals.

After dragging our cases for nearly half an hour we arrived at the Enterprise office which is on the very top floor of the car park only to be told that if we'd phoned them from the T2 office, they would have picked us up. Pamela nearly hit the bloke when he told us that.

Then we were shown to the car which just happened to be as far away from the office as possible. After our marathon walk across Manchester Airport, that was all we needed, a further ten minutes trek with our cases facing into a howling gale. Just to aggravate matters worse, our cases would not fit into the boot so I had to manhandle a heavy case through the front door of an Opel Corsa to get it onto the back seat.

Talk about exhausted, we were well ready for bed by the time we reached out hotel. Still we are here safe and sound loving the wonderful English weather:-(

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