Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Any ideas?

The strike by Valencian chemists that was on, then off seems to be now very much underway. Yesterday, I went down to collect my prescription only to find that all of the chemists’ shops in Bigastro were closed.

Outside one was an emergency list of chemists’ that would be open and the hours at which they will dispense urgent prescriptions but the list was out of date.

I’m down to the last of my blood pressure tablets and could really do with getting my next supply but I have no idea where there will be a chemist that is open.

I fully understand the predicament of the chemists who are owed money from January, a figure said to be about 484 million euros. They simply cannot continue to dispense without payment and neither can the suppliers but then neither can those who need medication continue without it.

Many thanks to Mrs P. who told me that the chemist in San Miguel was always open. As it happens, the lady in the tobacconist in Bigastro told us that the one in Jacarilla was also open. We had to go there this morning anyway so I was able to pick up my tablets at the same time. 

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