Friday, July 13, 2012

Moors and Christians

Normally, Pam and I would park on that road that goes up from the roundabout at Eroski and cross over the railway line via the footbridge at the top. The problem is that the bridge is now closed presumably because they are building the new high speed railway line.

Our alternative route (as supplied by scout John) is to take the road to Hurchillo, turn right at the petrol station and follow the pipeline down. When we pass under the pipeline continue straight across on the CV-921, around the roundabout and over the flyover and then park up on the road up to Lidl supermarket. That takes us close to the start of the parades on Carrer de Aragon. Pam and I normally take up seats on Carrer de Sant Agusti opposite the bars.

Remember it is Christians on Friday 20th and Moors on Saturday 21st.

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