Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Opening night

Last night, Darren and Hazel opened their very own bar in Bigastro and most of the residents from Villas Andrea were there to support them.

The bar is what used to be the Terrace Bar, opposite the Medical Centre, handy for when you have been to the doctor’s.




Darren told me that he and Hazel were very excited about this new venture and wanted people to know that this would be a bar to suit all ages and all nationalities – a truly cosmopolitan place offering drinks and snacks, day and night.

We all wish both Darren and Hazel great success with this new venture. If anyone deserves to succeed it is this couple because they work so damned hard to meet their customers needs. They are also such good people to know - the epitome of the genial hosts!

Give them a chance by popping in for a drink and a chat whenever you are down that way, even if it is only for a cup of coffee.

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chrisw said...

It's good to know some people are still brave enough to give it a go, especially in areas that are already well developed. Is this Miguel's old bar (I think I got the name right)you know the lottery winner?