Friday, July 06, 2012

Shocking news

My British readers may be surprised to read this story from the local newspaper:

Iberdrola has located up to 75 illegal connections to the mains in the town of Orihuela. The homes, located in the districts of Castillo, Capuchinos and Rabaloche, were connected directly to supply, without a contract or a meter, thus avoiding paying the bills. The discovery was possible thanks to the technicians of Iberdrola who,together with the National Police, have identified the homeowners. The illegal connections have been cut and the company will take legal action for fraud.

You have to remember that, in old parts of the city, the cables are strung along the streets making it possible to have a direct connection. It must be a risky business though. The thing is, Iberdrola know that, soon after they have cut the connection, the people will remake it.

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