Sunday, July 01, 2012

Taking a risk

It was our friend David’s birthday so he and his wife Rachael were going out for dinner to celebrate and they invited us along.
Interior The restaurant they had chosen was the Angelin in Beniel. It was a place where they had enjoyed tapas at lunchtime but never eaten at night.

Beniel is eight kilometres from Bigastro so the journey was short. When we arrived there were only a handful of people at the bar and nobody dining so we had a choice of tables.

The menu was enticing with an excellent selection of seafood and fish. There were also plenty of meat dishes which was just as well because Pamela is not a lover of seafood and will avoid most fish.

David and I fancied the arroz con bougavent (lobster paella) but unfortunately they could not produce paella that night so he settled for an entrecot steak and I had dorada la plancha. Pamela had escalope (veal) and Rachael had pechuga de pollo. All of the dishes were delicious as were our starters and desserts.

When the bill came we were treated to small glasses of liquor and even seconds!

So all in all, a splendid evening in good company. It is a restaurant that I would heartily recommend and we will certainly visit again.
The other speciality of the restaurant is jamon de jabugo.
82578715.vP4Omzuf Jabugo, in the Huelva province of Andalucia, is one of the least picturesque villages in the Sierra, with its abattoirs and factories littering the outskirts. However, it is the best place to buy the famous cured ham and other pork products which are produced there.

For many Spanish people, Jabugo is shorthand for jamón Ibérico or pata negra (so-called because of the Iberian pig's distinctive black trotters). The finest - and most expensive - grade of cured ham is called bellota, a reference to the major component of the pigs' diet of acorns which hare abundant in the oak forests around the town. The cold winters and warm summers with cool nights also make the curing process in Jabugo special.
Getting to Restaurant Angelin is quite simple, take the road to Hurchillo out of Bigastro. Pass through the town on the way to Beniel and drive under the pipeline. Continue on that road taking the one way system through Beniel and then on the right you will find the restaurant and on the left the large car park that serves it.

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