Friday, July 06, 2012


The copayment system started on Monday. Those of you who have been to collect medicines will have been asked to make a payment even if you have “red” prescriptions. For example, Pamela was asked to pay 5 Euros for her two prescriptions. Others will be asked to pay more or less depending upon the cost of their medication. All British pensioners will, I presume, come into the 1st category because the system can only know about our state pensions.

In a reciprocal agreement, the UK government pays £3,500 a year for each retiree to receive Spanish health care. This entitles them to the same care as a Spanish citizen except that now, we will have to contribute to the cost of the prescriptions.

The charges for prescriptions are levied as follows:
•    An annual income of under 18,000€: workers pay 40% of prescription charges; pensioners 10% capped at 8€ per month.
•    An annual income of 18,000€ to 100,000€: workers pay 50% of charges; pensioners 10% of charges capped at 18€ per month.
•    An annual income of over 100,000€: workers pay 60% of charges; pensioners 60% capped at 60€ a month.

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