Saturday, July 21, 2012

Very colourful

Anybody who tells you that the Moors and Christian parades in Orihuela are the same each year have got it all wrong. Sure, there is row upon row of people in costume as the various filas from each comparsa parades in turn but the overall spectacle changes each year.

The Christian Ambassador  this year came from the Pirates Buccaneers and so it was down to them to lead the parade last night and act out a story of how they rescued the city from the Moors and at the same time the Armengola. As pirates would, they demanded a booty in return, the treasure of old Teodomiro.

There were smoking cannons, a pirate ship, a watchtower and a treasure chest in the parade. The ballet that followed was a group dressed as parrots. Fantastic and well worth going to see! Oh and yes, there were huge pirate marionettes and  a live tiger in a cage just to spice things up.

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