Monday, July 02, 2012

Into the record books

European champions, then World champions and now European champions again. What a glorious night for Spain as the country watched their team sail through and annihilate Italy with four wonderful goals.

Even for non fans like Pam and I it was a huge pleasure and privilege to see La Roja play. Iniesta, Xavi, Alonso, Fábregas – such creative footballers who play with grace and finesse. The first half of the game was just beautiful.

Speaking of records, which other team do you now who have played so many games in a knockout competition without conceding a goal?

Many comparisons will now be drawn between Spain and other world class teams of the past. Are they better than Brazil were with Pele or Germany, Italy, France and Holland at their best? It doesn't matter because since 2008, Spain have dominated world football and even if they falter in 2014, nobody can take this achievement away from them.

There is nothing more to be said, the country might be on its backside financially but it can hold its head up on the world stage as far as football is concerned.

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