Friday, April 12, 2013

100 years young

It is not unusual to find people of a great age in this part of Spain. A healthy diet, good weather and a more gentle lifestyle certainly contribute to longevity.

Yesterday, a lady in Los Montesinos celebrated her 100th birthday in the village where she was born. Along with her friends and neighbours, many of her 14 children, 37 grandchildren and 51 great grandchildren came to visit her and offer congratulations. Even the town band turned up outside to play for her.

Blessed with good health, the lady has only made a couple of visits to an hospital and has very rarely relied on drugs from the chemist to cure ills. Instead, she has used plants from the field to concoct home made remedies.

The lady was married on August 17th 1933 and soon after her husband was sent to war. She says that the day he returned unharmed was one of the best days of her life. I imagine that yesterday came pretty close. 

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