Thursday, April 11, 2013

A change of name

When Mrs Jackson took over as headteacher at the then Priory Community Comprehensive School in Liverpool where I taught, she promptly changed the name to Anfield. What she wanted to do was clear away the problems of the past and at the same time capitalise on a name that she felt was associated with a successful school.

We all know El Altet airport as Ailcante even though that is not its official name. El Altet is just a hamlet that most will never heard of.

Now, the mayor of Elche wants to make a change and add in Elche to the name making it Alicante-Elche Airport. He says that El Altet is within the municipality of Elche and so the name should reflect that.

No doubt there will be some expensive new signage if the change is approved. It will make no difference though because the acronym used by air traffic controllers will still be ALC and that will be the name on your luggage labels. Alicante is and will be the name that most passengers use as they check in for flights in the same way that liverpudlians still call their airport Speke and not Liverpool, John Lennon.

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