Thursday, April 04, 2013

No menu del dia

Most people who enjoy good food will have heard of Ferran Adria who ran the kitchen at elBulli restaurant for 27 years. The restaurant held 3 Michelin star status for over 10 of them.

elBulli was only open for a limited period each year and accommodated 8,000 diners who were prepared to eat there for 350 Euros. Even still, the restaurant lost money and so was closed in 2011. The chefs now run the Tickets tapas bar in Barcelona where they still practice “molecular gastronomy”.

Adria is not going away though and so Sotheby’s in Hong Kong have just auctioned an opportunity to dine with him and his brother at a restaurant in Barcelona. The winner bid 220,500 Hong Kong dollars for the opportunity. Those who missed out with their bids will have another chance when a second meal is auctioned in New York.

Here you can see a typical elBulli meal – a succession of mouthfuls of food that you use a spoon, forceps or your fingers to eat.

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