Saturday, April 13, 2013

Does this spell the end of the duck pond?

A municipally owned pond at La Pedrera is being used as a makeshift landfill site by Bigastro Council. The facility, which connects to the reservoir Los Patos (the ducks), was built by the former mayor José Joaquín Moya using European funds.  The matter has been reported to the local police by the PSOE spokesman, Raúl Valerio Medina.

The deputy mayor, Aurelio Murcia, says that authorisation was granted to change the use of this area for the future. He says that this is not a protected area even though it is adjacent to La Pedrera and assures us that the work is being carried out quietly, without offence and without disturbing the pine forest.

The duck pond at La Pedrera used to be a popular place for people to visit. Several varieties of ducks and other waders lived and bred in the pond and surrounding area. Recent visits confirm that the water level had been allowed to drop considerably and consequently has turned green. The pond surrounds are also in a poor state or repair.

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