Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The first fiesta for the year

20130430_cruz Next weekend, the Barrio de la Cruz,  Bigastro will be celebrating its festival in honour of the Holy Cross.

Programme for Sunday 5th May:

11am - the town band will parade through the streets of the area

12am - solemn mass

1pm - tapeo courtesy of the Commission for Fiestas San Joaquin 2013.

2pm -  paella prepared by the master chefs from the area followed by a disco

5pm - games for the children

When we first came to Bigastro, the festival lasted two days and many houses in the area decorated their walls with floral crosses. There was even a competition for the best cross. The harsh economic climate has taken its toll and so the festival is a much lower key event these days. However, it is still important to the people who live in the area who will be there for mass on Sunday morning.

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