Wednesday, April 10, 2013

I feel ashamed

Can I say first of all that I was no great fan of Margaret Thatcher. Although her policies never caused me harm, I felt sorry for those who were badly affected by them. I accept that the cure for Britain’s woes was shockingly  painful for many.

It is understandable that those who were most affected by Margaret Thatcher’s policies whilst in power should feel little sympathy for her death. The shake up of nationalised industries in Britain left large numbers out of work and many in Northern Ireland will have anything but fond memories of her.

However, the so called celebrations that have taken place on the streets of Britain where fires have been lit, shop windows broken and police in riot gear called out to quell mobs are a disgrace. From the pictures I have seen, most would not have even been born when Thatcher was in power. I am told that it is the National Union of Students who are stirring things up but I cannot confirm that.

The fear now is that the funeral, to be held next Wednesday, will be targeted by several groups of dissidents hell bent on besmirching the memory of Mrs Thatcher. Terrorist members of the Irish republican along with far left groups pose the greatest threat but there are also fears that Muslimist groups may also target the funeral as well.

Yet again, I feel ashamed to be British. How on earth can I explain this sort of behaviour to my Spanish friends who cannot understand the sort of mentality that drives people to these sort of acts at the time of someone’s death. I only hope that the “mob” save their celebrations until after the funeral is over so that the occasion can take place in a dignified and respectful manner. 

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