Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Mystery solved

Actually two mysteries in one; first, why the street lights on Calle Le Vegan have been out for a week or two and secondly what are the bags of gravel doing by the lampposts.

The reason is because somebody had the bright idea to steal the electricity cable that connects the lights. All they had to do was lift the box by the light at one end of the road and cut the wire there and then lift the box at the other end and pull the cable through. Sadly, they didn’t electrocute themselves in the process. Instead, they got away with a decent length of copper cable that would have been subsequently sold for scrap.

I understand that the cable has now been replaced and this is where the gravel comes in. Once the cable was in place, the boxes were filled with gravel. That means that, if anybody tries to pull the same trick in future, they will have to go to each box and dig out the gravel before they can drag the cable through.

Hopefully now, the lights on that stretch of road will be lit again making it a whole lot safer for people using it.

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