Saturday, April 27, 2013

Local rain

It must be very hard to predict the weather when it is often just one small locality that is affected.

Yesterday, Pam and I went to do our food shop at the Mercadona on the Crevillente road near San Louis.

On the way there, it was dry and the roads were clear of surface water. Whilst we were in the shop, it started to rain quite heavily and was still raining when we left.

We all know that heavy rain in this area means flooded roads and that is just what we encountered on the CV-945 between Los Montesinos and the CV-95. Muddy water was flooding the road at least a few centimetres deep where it was coming off the fields. Thankfully, most drivers were negotiating the flooded sections with great care and so it was mainly the wheel arches that were getting a wash with yellow water.

Strangely, the last section of the road between the roundabout with the AP-7 and the CV-95 was clear and when we got onto the CV-95, the road was completely dry. It didn’t look as though there had been any rain at all in Bigastro in fact it was quite bright. I can only conclude that there was one “bad ass” cloudburst that was just over the Los Montesinos area.

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