Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Leave the tinnies at home in future

Enjoy a beer on the beaches of Alicante and you could face a fine of up to 750€.

A new ordinance, which has yet to be approved, restricts the consumption of  alcohol to the areas around the chiringuitos.

The proliferation of Eastern ladies offering massages could also be restricted by the new law as could the playing of ball games if they are deemed to be a nuisance to others on the beach.

It is all very well passing laws but only if you have the means to enforce them. The local police are going to be sorely stretched if they now have to patrol beaches looking for offenders of the new laws. They're also going to be a little warm in their traditional uniform and boots.

The big problem is of course not the drinking but the litter that is left behind - particularly bottles.

The Spanish are a nation of litter louts. Just witness the area in front of the bar in any hostelry to see this for yourself. Everything goes on the floor waiting for the owner to sweep it up. It's the same in the streets and the parks. Following a fiesta, the street cleaners must collect tons of sunflower seed husks along with the rest of the rubbish that is left behind.

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