Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Telmicro information

Those of you who subscribe to Telmicro will already know this:-

Updated 15/09/2008

The Telmicro TV system is not broadcasting.

The ongoing legal proceedings require all the relevant technical equipment to be looked at. Due to the secrecy of these proceedings, no further information is available.

Our Technical Support lines are not operational at this time.

Telmicro apologise to its clients and thank them for their patience and support during these difficult times.

We are expecting a statement and an announcement regarding the return of TV service very soon.

Apparently the police dismantled Telmicro's antennae last Tuesday which would seem to indicate that, contrary to their statement, they will not be coming back very soon.

On one of the local forums is this notice which is blatantly a spoof:-

We wish to thank all our clients for their support and financial help which we have found very useful for moving our TV equipment out of the country Further information will be available from our Bulgarian set up.

Such is the power of the Internet, rumours like this spread quickly and are taken by some as fact. Already there are people asking whether they will be able to get a service from Bulgaria here in Spain!

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